• Why Private Utility Locating?

    For determining the exact location of public utility lines before you start your excavation project, you will need to call 8-1-1 to locate public utilities. However, there are many lines that could be buried just outside your building, home or in/around your property. A public utility locator will ONLY mark lines such as telephone, gas, cable television, traffic lights and streetlights that they own. They do NOT include private lines from your property such as secondary lines, buried tanks, septic systems, and more that can only be located by calling a private locating company.

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  • Why use a Subsurface Utility Locate Service?

    Since 2012, St. Louis Utility Locate (a division of Roberts Environmental Drilling, Inc.) has specialized in the marking and mapping of private utility lines that fall outside of the Dig-Rite, One-Call and J.U.L.I.E systems for both design and construction.

    We specialize is providing damage prevention, conflict identification and safety for the engineering community, general contractors and government agencies.

Our Services

em survey


ElectroMagnetic (EM) Survey is ideal system for locating utility lines. We use our Sub-Site Utility Guard Plus tool, which is a leading-ege pipe and cable utility locator equipment designed for rapid and precise locating. This survey is accomplished by conduction or induction of radio frequencies on the target line, power, gas, water and other lines buried in the ground.

ground penetrating radar


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), performs a quick and accurate subsurface scan to locate all metallic and non-metallic underground utilities and anomalies. St. Louis Utility Locating uses a GSSI Utility Scan SIR-4000 GPR with a Hyper-Stacking 350 mHz antenna, which is excellent for locating underground storage tanks, vent lines, product lines, PVC and ABS pipes, clay pipe, concrete pipe, terracotta pipe, abandoned pipelines, and unmarked burials.

vacuum excavating


Our VacMasters 4000 is one of the most efficient systems for air and water exaction. This piece of state-of-the-art equipment allows digging in all soils, cobble, dirt, and/or clay. Additionally, It has the ability to change from air to water jetting with just a flip of a switch, providing the ability to adapt to different site conditions and requirements. The VM-4000 also has a 450 gallon spoils tank and can operate up to ~250 feet away, allowing easy access to areas difficult to reach.

A Family Company — Built on Excellence

St. Louis Utility Locate is a family business built on three generations of ground drilling and surveying experience. These combined years of experience ensure high quality, cost effective, and best-in-class services for your subsurface locating needs.

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